Hosting issues and Clarified development direction

It has been interesting days.

First of all, this domain transferring has been too much hassle, which is something unexpectedly wasted my time. I’ve been trying to launch my website in remote hosting last few days, but the registrar had troubles communicating with me and themselves.

Their mails were sent to my spam box, which I don’t check often. This caused delay and they didn’t get my responses in time. Also, since my domain is not expired from previous hosting or registrar, it required quite an extra work.

Still the domain is not working yet.

If this is what caused me to be frustrated lately, today I felt some confidence in my development direction.

I have troubled myself thinking if the service I am going to develop will be actually needed by many. Unless, the service provides blogging service far better than anything in the market, or handle the enormous traffic with brilliance, it will not be useful to the users. Also, drawing many users from their comfortable SNS like Facebook or Twitter is the biggest challenge I can imagine, if I cannot optimally use their APIs or build the collaborative deals with them.

But the one thing came clear to me. The key is by solving the problems of these services. For instance, Twitter requires to use shortened URL for links. If I can make the URL to be indexes to the Bible verses, the users can save their character usage. They can set up their own pages in my web service, and communicate with one another under the same topic of Bible studying.

This shortened URL idea doesn’t change the initial plan I’ve conceived. It adds some possibility to enhance usability, especially by solving the character limitation in Twitter. Once this is solved, providing links for Facebook and other SNS will not be too difficult.

So far it has been slow due to my own procrastination, lack of confidence, and interests in other issues, like job searching. Need to have more feed of intelligence and insights. And the strong will to execute anything I’ve planned from the smallest to the biggest.


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