Just finished setting WordPress blog in with redirection configured. The website will evolve having more contents about my personal development and services.

Yes, the domain is finally working. I even had to change DNS name server myself due to the technical difficulty of the hosting company.

There were unexpected difficulties I had to suffer. The database system in this new hosting company is not as friendly as I wanted it to be. It required me to name the database following certain rule, which is explained in quite confusing way. It took me more than 30 minutes. Also, my local server’s phpMyAdmin was located at someplace too hard to find. Without knowing the export/import capability in WordPress, I had to add my posts in with manual date changes. Fortunately, I have only few posts to be added, but I was quite frustrated at myself, without a good reason.

Managing files among different folders is quite confusing and stressful. For I use both Mac and Windows together in my Macbook, folder synchronizing is a little daunting.


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