Why it’s hard for me to blog frequently

Examining myself very closely, my recent difficulty in blogging is not because I am a total recluse who doesn’t like to share with anyone about anything. Or I can make it worse by labeling myself as a lazy person, but it’s not actually true considering what’s going on in my mind. I do have some topics in mind, but somehow it’s just not as easy to share them with the public as I thought it would. It seems to be a methodical, or a situational problem which I must learn to deal with using the solutions from the experienced bloggers and developers. There are what I suspect to be reasons or excuses for my lack of blogging.

Preoccupied in doing a project. But it’s not ready to be opened and shared yet.

  • Because I want to keep it as a secret.
  • Still the project in the conceptualizing phase which is still too abstract even to myself.
  • Waiting for internal and external encouragement on this, to solidify confidence in the project.

I guess this waiting is the major cause preventing me from actual progression. Also, without opening the minimum information about the project, how can I expect to learn anything from the experienced developers whom I can meet and interact through blogging? I must learn to present and communicate well with the experienced developers.

I am not tuned to the current events.

  • Not because I intentionally ignore them, but simply I just want to distinguish facts from opinions and it’s taking some time.
  • Due to my lack of professional insight, what I can blog about current events is only the repetition of what’s already there with a little bit of my simple thoughts. It’s not a real contribution in my measure.

To gain more professional and unique insight, it would take a lot of reading and speculating, challenging me to build and re-build knowledge basis. This task must be taken quite seriously and I need find the right way to do it.

I need to have more reading and watching to expand my knowledge and imaginations, which cannot be limited in web browsing.

  • Embarrassingly, I began to understand the need to have more various activities including something entirely different from or even against one’s field of study, in my case it’s Computer Science.
  • Narrowed perspective, intentionally or unintentionally gained prevent one from developing and sharing his or her experiences or thoughts with others.

I am thinking about having more knowledge in film making, English learning, Bible study, social servitude, and unknown other possibilities. The additional solution is to meet more people from various interests. Though I don’t neglect the value of socializing, it’s been hard for me to be more proactive.

Not utilizing the notes in my journal.

  • As a proof for not being lazy, I’ve been keeping journals. However, almost none of the notes are used in blogging. Because of excessive filtering not to jeopardize my private notes, my record keeping has contributed so little for my blogging.
  • But most of all, I think it’s lack of confidence in my notes that prevented me to review them more carefully to find the value.

The worst thing that I found while writing this blog, blogging infrequency is the consequence of not following the plan as it is scheduled. Procrastination is the worst kind of enemy for developers and bloggers like myself. It’s not only about unable to do something, but also about taking away the opportunity to do something else, possibly better and more important thing.

And I must free myself from fear of not becoming a responsible contributor. Accepting my current status of being a student of life and knowledge without any set date for graduation, must not be ashamed of utilizing the resources from others especially the open information and I must understand that mature blogging experience require so many trials and error.

In conclusion, not only for my blogging but also for other activities, I must embrace beauty of making mistakes and learning from these valuable experiences.

UPDATE(2009/08/04 16:31) Found a good article related to this blogging problem. [CopyBlogger] The Most Horrible Blog Post Ever


4 thoughts on “Why it’s hard for me to blog frequently”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that this is a really nice post. You hit it with the procrastination part for me. I think I have the courage now to browse through my old journals of rough drafts. Thanks!

  2. Hey there,

    I think procrastination is a big thing for many, many people. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the things that separate’s the successful from the not so successful. I remember reading somewhere, wealthy people make decisions quickly and change them slowly, where as poor people do the opposite, in effect creating indecision and procrastination for themselves. So, may be one of the keys to beating procrastination is deciding on a few things which would benefit your business if you did them consistently and making the decision to take action each and every day. What do you think?


    1. Thank you for comment. I just realized many people are interested in the problem of procrastination.
      I agree with the idea about deciding on a few things beneficial to the business. Persistently finishing each task will eventually lead the resultant state of beating procrastination.
      In my opinion, for this to be more efficient, one must have strong confidence on the decisions. And these decision must require only smaller commitment than what may be overwhelming, and must be practically accomplished as soon as possible even before being evaluated whether it were beneficial or not. This evaluation may not even be necessary because the decisions to do these tasks were carefully made beforehand. In other words, detailed planning and strong assurance in the tasks may prevent procrastination and lead to accomplish them rapidly.
      Whenever, I fell in the state of procrastination, I keep reminding myself that it’s not only about unable to do what I planned, but also it’s about losing precious time that could be used for something so much better and more important.

  3. You are wise to know the cause. Only you have the power to change it. Do it

    I had your problem once. And I have overcome it. :-)

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