Returning after almost 2 months of absence from blogging

My last post was published on August 29th, re-posting other blogger’s post. It was difficulty to balance working for others(company) and working for myself. (if they can be distinguished.)

I’ve been busy working for the company, learning and trying fundamentally important subjects. Learning new things, often with so little resources, without a personal assistance or a dedicated mentor, I’m humbled and grateful that my working environment does not simply consume my talent, but rather trains me to become more knowledgeable and pragmatically skillful.

Initially, my team was focused on iPhone development, following the latest craze, but unfortunately due to lack of preparation, the project is now canceled. It’s hard to ignore the importance of knowing exactly what to do before trying anything.

Currently, I’m actively leading an open source project, in the category of ECMS, using the famous Alfresco. For now, only I can do is utilizing it with addition of Korean language, but I hope sometime sooner my team and I can commit some meaningful contribution to the source.

Tried to blog, saved some drafts with the interesting ideas, but being not so confident enough to write without full knowledge about the subjects, prevented me from publishing. Maybe I am being too careful, or being simply procrastinating. Well, in a good way, Twitter being the useful micro blogging can be the understandable excuse.

As I got used to the professional work environment and pace, I think now I can find the time to blog more regularly, possibly at least once a week. What I strive to get is to be efficient in managing time economically for working for other and myself.

Though it has been too busy and difficult to make time for myself, I am glad that my professional experience has been enriching, meaningful enough to share with others.


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