Preparing PopToo iOS App Version 1.2.0

No sale for PopToo iOS App was made today. It wasn’t too surprising, since the delay for latest updating was too long, for the reasons on my side and also on App Store’s side. As an excuse, I was actually preparing the bigger update which will be Version 1.2.0, but instead I had to fix some critical issues and submit Version 1.1.4. To understand App Store’s delay, I assumed the delay was probably caused by recent policy change related to In App Subscription. However, even though App Store is famous for making developers to wait for the good or bad reasons, I doubt if my updated version is too complicated to be thoroughly reviewed.

After analyzing the graph of sales, I made up the plan to upgrade PopToo iOS App on weekly basis, believing this is the best way to promote my app at the initial stage of PopToo project. After all, there are so many features need to be added and enhanced, making each upgrading not insignificant. The latest Version 1.1.4’s main feature is to allow the user to open and close continuous check-ins of one PopToo Friend in Timeline view. This feature was planned long time ago, but after careful observation, I figured it’s very critical to bring it as soon as possible.

Until there are so many different PopToo Friends constantly checking-in to fill the Timeline with diversity, it’s inevitable to let only a few Friends’ to dominate the Timeline with Auto Check-in switched on. I never wanted to penalize them since they are the highly active users who make PopToo project vibrant and exciting. It won’t become a problem if  many different users are constantly checking-in. But until then, we should be considerate to the users who only check-in occasionally and it would be bad if their check-ins of favorite songs are simply buried and ignored among the dominant ones.

This kind of users are also very important for PopToo project, since their check-ins are manually done, which have clear intentions of sharing  songs with others because they are probably their favorite songs worthy to be recommended. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be too unfair to visibly promote this kind of occasional manual check-ins. But for now, it seems to be enough to just apply grouping with numeric indication for continuous check-ins of one PopToo Friends.

So, Version 1.1.4 was submitted to bring this important feature, in the midst of developing Version 1.2.0, which has the goal to bring Foursquare integration. This integration has been promised for long time, but it’s taking longer than I expected. The main reason is to allow Twitter connection to be used along with Foursquare, unless the user wants to use Foursquare exclusively. Since Foursquare itself is also often connected to Twitter or Facebook accounts, the goal of not causing any redundancy or confusion is much harder than it seemed to be.

Since Foursquare Venues will be used for PopToo Areas, I guess it’s inevitable to revise the check-in process. Probably, the order of the process will be changed. Also, it will take some time to figure out how to use Auto Check-in with Foursquare, for it requires to select a venue when checking-in. Anyway, I believe right solution can be found, like how other solutions have been found since the beginning of PopToo project.

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