My expectation for PopToo project

Just submitted new PopToo iOS App Version 1.1.5 This is to keep the original plan I have, which is to continuously update PopToo in weekly basis. Hope this one doesn’t take too long to be ready for sale.

More and more, PopToo is becoming what I have been envisioned since the beginning. With the newly added feature, PopToo Friends can search for the songs checked-in by other Friends in YouTube. If the songs can be found, they can be played in YouTube streaming. It’s amazing to be able to listen to the songs from many different places! YouTube has become THE MEDIA PLAYER OF THE WORLD!

The most important aspect is that these songs found in PopToo’s Timeline is actually being played by the music file owners at the moment, at certain locations. With Auto Check-in switched on, they can simply share the tag information of their songs purchased and kept in their iPhone or iPod, while doing something else. Though I am still working on the objective analysis, I believe this has some significant difference or  value over just listening to the songs streamed online, which are often not owned by the listeners.

As I mentioned in previous blog, it becomes even more interesting when a PopToo Friend checks-in manually. For the user, it’s just simple act of pressing Check-in button in home screen. But when it’s open to the public in Timeline, it conveys the user’s liking of this song and implicit intention to share and recommend to other PopToo Friends. This is a kind of expression like sharing tweets or blogs. Like many other forms of media, I believe music is one of the best ways to express oneself. And this isn’t only applicable to the music makers, but also true for the listeners of their favorite songs.

My expectation for PopToo project is to become like Twitter, specially for sharing favorite songs of PopToo Friends. With #nowplaying hash tag, Twitter is already accommodating this feature somehow. But I hope PopToo to be a specially added layer of service, or an independent streaming, focused on sharing media information. By providing the constantly flowing stream of music tags using standardized format, PopToo Friends can share what they are listening as so easily as Auto Check-in, expressing themselves through their favorite songs.

My current challenges are to bring as many PopToo Friends as possible and finding the rightful accesses to the media streaming like what YouTube is trying to provide. Probably,  learning the science and technique of crowd sourcing may bring some effective solutions, I guess.

I just wish there is not so many stumbling blocks to achieve the goals, or there is enough solutions or help from others to overcome the difficulties. Adventure continues!

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