Google App Engine’s recent situation & PopToo’s challenge to develop web application

For unknown length of time, Google App Engine suffered server errors related to importing modules. And PopToo and other companies’ web applications were affected. Fortunately, it was solved by Google sooner than I thought, or not soon enough for others.

I don’t know about others, but for me the main reason for using Google App Engine was simply because I don’t have experience in administrating servers and scaling them up to accommodate millions of requests. Until I finish teaching myself thoroughly about the subject and be tested with some important issues, developing for both iOS and web application simultaneously could be excruciating.

I shouldn’t forget, and hope some of PopToo Friends may recognize, that PopToo project is currently one man project, until it’s big enough to partner with the great people. I am doing my best to make PopToo project as exciting and meaningful as possible to potential partners. Fortunately,  for PopToo’s advantage, Google App Engine’s initial cost is free, allowing me to economize many current aspects of PopToo project. The dashboard’s graphic analytic, especially, is very useful for me to see how PopToo API is serving requests from PopToo Friends.

Soon, my focus will be shifted to develop for more robust and superb web application for PopToo API and PopToo Web to serve more PopToo Friends coming from non-iOS environment. Considering how this will bring more PopToo Friends, there will be so much benefit after undergoing developing for the platform where I have so little experience. It will be a great challenge, but I expect it will also be very interesting and meaningful to learn and later apply the knowledge of web development for future use.

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