Being employed and having new expectation for PopToo

I got employed to work for a South Korean company, developing iOS apps. Though it will cause me to take less attention to PopToo project, personally I am grateful for going to be able to earn some money to support myself and other activities, and continue to train myself to be a better iOS developer while working for this company.

PopToo has been great so far, being used by highly active users from United States, Brazil, Japan, Germany and Australia. While developing PopToo’s iOS app and its web application, I was not only able to learn the right technologies, but also have them to be tested by many users. Being confident about the apps to work is one thing, but confirming them actually working for many users is something really different.

However, I must admit PopToo has big disadvantage. It needs long period of time to build users, if massive strategic marketing cannot be granted to this project. Since PopToo is willing to stay free as long as possible, it’s really easy to be demotivated by having so little number of downloads for days, though it’s natural result for not being promoted like other popular apps. I shouldn’t forget not to have too much expectation for a service app like PopToo.

I guess working for a company and developing apps designed (or demanded) by others can broaden my experience in iOS deveopment, allowing me to see PopToo as an interesting test for my skills and an app that is evolving over long period time, not as something I need to be dependent on to prove myself instantly. No matter what, programming should be meaningful and fun, especially if it’s for PopToo project.

As I am getting used to new responsibilities given from the company, I will make time to continue developing for PopToo project. Though it won’t be as exciting as bringing regular updates almost every week, keep supporting the platform and its users will teach me a lot of things about software development and serving others, especially those things that can only be taught after long time has been passed. Test of time has commenced.

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