One week has passed working for new company

One week has passed working for new company. Testing my skills in iOS development has commenced.

Unfortunately, what I have feared did happen. I got involved to the project which is struggling to be finished for some reason. It was impossible to avoid being the newly added member to the project in the midst of development. This is really daunting for me, since I have to do cramming to learn the whole plan and history of successes and failures, in limited time before the due date. And I must meet their expectation for me to actually contribute something helpful to increase the chance to finish the project successfully.

Above all, it’s really frustrating when the solutions I want to implement are not working for this project, when they are the similar ones I had done successfully in other places. Being a new comer to the project is really hard for me to trace the causes of problems, without having enough time to understand whole lines of codes and their intentions. It scares me how bad it will be if the project is much larger than current one.

I just want to save precious time, without being troubled by failed tests of implementations. It could be much better if I could get involved from the beginning of a project.