Renewing domain and hosting services

Hosting and domain renewing time has come. And by examining what new options are available, I could also review what resources I have for development.

Hardware, iOS developer connection membership, and other subscriptions, are usually fixed cost, with little variety. But most of all, I need them with no other choice. Fortunately, considering their importance, many of them are quite affordable, relatively.

But domain registration and hosting is different story. There are so many different options for different purposes. New options can be found from many places.

For domain registration, I used GoDaddy, but just transferred all my domains to Hover. Except for being cheap, there is almost no advantages in using GoDaddy. Their interface is so crude and excluding privacy option in basic purchasing of domain is not right, I think.

For hosting, I decided to stay with generic PHP and MySQL combination for one more year. Though there are disadvantages, it seems nice option for my personal blogging. I seriously thought about using Squarespace, but until my projects are grown big to attract so much traffic, having inexpensive hosting with option to use multiple WordPress installations sounded good to me. Also, revitalized respect for PHP and MySQL affected me to make such decision.

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