Started research and development using Cocos2D

Today my employer company started research and development using Cocos2D.

For diversifying our catalog of iOS application and eventually make more profit, we began to take game development very seriously. Since none of our iOS developers have experience in this area, we selected Cocos2D as the entry framework. Probably in the future, we may venture into more serious game engine, such Unity or Unreal.

My first impression from Cocos2D is, how friendly the framework is structured for avid Cocoa Touch developers. Many of coding conventions are almost identical to that of Cocoa’s. If you have already good experience in iOS development, whole aspect of the project and its architecture, then graphical game specific elements are the only problems you should work on, based my initial observation.

The important elements of Cocos2D, Director, Scene, Layer, Sprite have its counterparts that are UIApplicationDelegate, UiViewController, UIView, and UIControl, making it easier to understand. Utilizing default structure and the objects of iOS application, you can focus mainly on graphics problems, which are the majority of game development, I believe.

We expect to save a lot of time for development using Cocos2D. As a new comer in this field, our company will make a lot of mistakes, but if those trials can be tackled rapidly, though we may not have blockbuster success for each iteration, at least we will learn a lot of game development and increase our chance to have successful result next time.

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