PopToo project is officially started

PopToo iOS AppBy submitting, actually re-submitting, revised version of PopToo iOS App, the fXceed’s latest project is officially commenced. For about last 6 months, I have focused on iOS development. Realizing, how vast this world of application development is, even for just iOS sector, more and more I feel the need to learn broader and deeper.

What I realized is, especially for providing a social service, the web application programming is much important, if not more, as the client app development, even though the users may never even care about the web side. Well, being completely ignored by the users is the criteria for being a great web application, I assume. Since, PopToo iOS App is finished its preparation, PopToo Web Application resides in Google App Engine will need much more attention to be optimal, secure and thus become more invisible to the users.

It has been a great challenge for me to develop for two different platforms, iOS and Google App Engine using Python. But after all, it was more about architecture than framework. Finding bugs in processing logic was much harder than learning about semantics of programming languages. Through this experience, I developed stronger respect to the software architects, and aspiration to be become like them.

The bigger challenge is coming. I must get out of this comfort zone and actually engage with the users, the customers, the ones who support PopToo project.

The phase one is almost over

The phase one for current development is almost over, finishing critical tasks. It has been exciting time, allowing me to learn more about how to develop an application with the limited resources, knowledge, and efficiency. The biggest fight was about overcoming my own nature, the bad habit of procrastination. After all, I can confidently begin to say, “I did it.” instead of “I can do it.”,  even though it wasn’t actually wrong to say so.

At the end of this phase, I can see the big picture being drawn on what was initially a blank canvas, only requiring to be enhanced with more specific work on details. As I believed, gradual construction of the main structure of the application was definitely and critically important, especially for easing the continuous maintenance by enhancing, simplifying, or omitting certain feature. I have no doubt if the next phase of development will be more productive, because of this preparatory work.

Having sample implementation for certain functionality, though it’s explained in the official reference, is very important. Even though, the reference may provide enough information about what or how to do, the actual implementation sample quickens understanding of it, and often it solves the problem immediately, if I am not too proud to adopt it into my work. “Don’t invent another wheel” is the great principle to be followed.

The phase two will be more about enhancing the user experience, optimizing the key feature, and promoting my product to the public more effectively. Every work is great learning experience, truly meaningful for I am learning it by actually doing it.

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