Three weeks has passed for PopToo iOS App

The first approval was done, and the app was open to the public on January 5, 2011. I had to make a fix for critical error and submit it again to be reviewed, but fortunately, it didn’t take too long.

For the purpose of securing the spot, I registered PopToo as a Foursquare app so early, even though the app doesn’t have any feature for it yet. I should change my previous plan and quicken the development for Foursquare integration, since I don’t want new PopToo Friends to be disappointed at the app.

However, it wasn’t too bad to get an unexpected exposure in Foursquare App listing, and it brought some visitors to Some people even clicked Like button for the app which doesn’t support check-in or venue listing yet. I am so grateful for their interest in PopToo project and I will do my best to meet their expectations, especially in Foursquare integration.

From all over the world, about 140 downloads were made for an iOS app that wasn’t promoted strategically. The app was simply there and people simply downloaded it. I wonder if this many downloads could be possible if the app wasn’t free. Maybe I am too naive about this, but the dynamic of iOS App Store is extremely attractive. What can happen if I do strategically smart marketing to bring more PopToo Friends?

New version is just submitted and waiting to be published. I wish Foursquare integration can be finished as soon as possible, but the public Foursquare API library for iOS development is not using the current API version 2.0. Probably, I should build my own library. And if it’s good and acceptable, I may try contributing it to be used by other Foursquare API developers. It will be very satisfying if my codes can be useful to others.

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